safety toolsWhen you venture off the grid things become a little more complicated. In many areas, you may lack the ability to call for help because of no cell phone service. You will have to camp out with the wild animals and insects, cook your meals on a fire pit, and perhaps even go fishing or hunting for the food your body will require after a long day on the trail. These things require you to have certain tools within easy reach. Therefore, there are a few must have tools of the trail necessities for anyone who loves four-wheeling.

Tools for Your Vehicle

tools for off roadingWhen on a truly challenging trail, anything can happen. You should expect the unexpected and be prepared to handle repairs to your vehicle if something goes wrong. You wouldn’t want to get stuck on a rock pile with a flat tire or end up with a loose battery cable and have no way to fix either issue. The downside is, flat tires happen easily on trails because you are venturing out over sharp rocks and other potential hazards and because vehicles are mechanical, they do fail at the worst of times. It is recommended that you take along a new spare tire, high lift jacks, tire irons, and Fix-A-Flat for the vehicle’s tires. You should also consider taking multi-tools with a variety of tools available. There are some that are ideal for off-roading and handling mechanical issues.

Tools to Increase Safety or Comfort

You can also purchase multi-tools to help you out when you are on the trails. These tools include fire starters, saws, knives, and more. This can be a big help, but once the fire is built; you still need to put safety first. Every vehicle, whether it is a jeep or a four-wheeler, should have a fire extinguisher on board. You may also consider a firefighter tool since they can help you stay in control.

You may also want to consider adding bug spray and fresh water to your stockpile of safety items. Without water, we cannot survive and bugs are prone to spreading illness. You should also carry extra medications in your vehicle in case your 4×4 adventures run longer than planned. Sun block with at least 30 SPF may also be included in your tool bags to ensure that your trip out isn’t cut short by a painful burn.


The Right Tools Matter

four wheeling funNo one knows exactly what your family or group of friends will need when out on the trails, but if you can have on hand the tools that are designed to make life easier and safer; you will be set. There are a lot of things available to make your time in the great outdoors better than ever. You can take along portable toilets, portable generators, and so much more. The list could go on and on. Having everything you need, when you need it, could make the difference between a successful trip out and a weekend that you would prefer to forget. Do you have everything you need set aside for use as tools for the trail?