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Trail Open and Closed Dates

(Updated 1/6/15)

Trail Name

Open - Closed Date

Brewer Lake

June 15  -  November 1

Coyote Lake

June 15  -  November 1

Dusy Ershim

August 1 -  November 1

Red Lake

June 15  -  November 1

Spanish Lake

July 1  -  November 1

Strawberry lake

June 15  -  November 1

Swamp Lake

July 1  -  November 1

West Lake

June 15  -  November 1


Please Read!

It has come to our attention that some people are confused on the subject of what a CLOSED trail gate means.  It means the trail is CLOSED and there is NO access until the gate is opened.  There is a HUGE FINE (maximum of $5000) for going around a closed gate.

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