Swamp Lake is a very difficult course that requires experienced drivers. It covers about 9 miles and will take you approximately 4.5 hours to complete. You should have a short wheel based vehicle unless you are traveling through Exchequer Meadow to Hatch Lake.  In this area, longer wheel base will be better for getting through.

The Route

This route requires you to be able to travel around and over large boulders. There are vistas that will appeal to most people since they are beautiful. There are switchbacks and tops. After you cross the fork at Dinkey Creek, you need to have a short wheel base and be prepared for extremely difficult terrain. If you are a trail bike rider, you should walk ahead to make sure that you are up for the challenge. The roads will be steep and very rocky. This means it will not be the fastest part of the trail.


If you want to learn more about what may lie ahead for you on this trail, you can contact the Dinkey Creek Ranger Station or the High Sierra Ranger District. They will be able to tell you anything that you want to know about it. They will also be able to advise you on where you can camp out and what type of fish you may be able to expect while out there.