Dusy Ershim is a very difficult route that is recommended for advanced drivers. It should also not be enjoyed by people who have full-sized pickups with a longer wheel base nor people who are going to go adventuring solo.

About the Route

When you first enter the route, you will notice that it is shared with foot traffic and people riding horses. This will continue for the first mile, and while you are on the route it is important that you be courteous to others.

Once you reach Chicken rock, you will discover how much fun the course ahead will be. It offers a panoramic view of the Le Cords Divide. Once you go down the other side, you will get to cross over the creek. Three hours past there is Thompson Hill. To enjoy it, you should have a lift kit as well as several other upgrades.

Summit Lake is after it and then you will find East Lake. Both of these areas offer camping and fishing opportunities. You will then pass by other camping areas and come to a very difficult trail leading to Whitebark Vista.

Things to Know

If you are going to camp along these trails, you are required to camp at least 100 feet away from all lakes, streams, meadows, and trails. You will also need a campfire permit. The permit is free, but required if you plan to use a gas stove, charcoal fire, or a wood fire.

More Information

If you want more information about the trail and what to expect, you can contact the Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service, or other places. Most all of these people are available by phone or contact forms to make it easier for four wheel lovers to get out on the trail.