The Brewer Lake OHV trail is one of the easiest trails around. It is ideal for people who are new to the sport and those who are testing out their current setup. It is also relatively small at 3.5 miles and on average takes people an hour to go from one end to the other.

About the Trail

This route follows a line that divides the Kings River and Pineridge Ranger districts. There are flora and fauna to see thanks to all the moisture in the area. You will also see and abundance of red fir trees. The first mile of the trail will gradually gain elevation. The rest of the route joins the crest before entering an open area that is sometimes hot and dry.

Obstacles on the Trail

One of the biggest things people love about this trial is the rockpile. It is steep and large. It is recommended that you take a slow, direct approach to it if you want to beat it. This is the biggest obstacle you will face when on this trail, but it is one thing that makes it a popular choice for many. It is also relatively close to Fresno.

Spend the Weekend at Brewer Lake

We recommend that visitors take enough supplies to get them through a weekend. This is not because of the trail itself, but just so that you can enjoy the scenic beauty for a weekend. There are campsites around it and the lake has plenty of fish for you to catch. If you are not enjoying lake fishing, there are also streams at Tamarack Creek. The only request is that if you bring it in, you take it out. This is a clean area for adults to play.