Welcome to the Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno.

 The Date The Club was Formed:
March 18, 1954The Founding Members in Question Formed the Club.
 In March, 1954 The Club was incorporated and given the name of "Fourwheel Drive Club of Western American".
 Before it became incorporated, your wheelers used to get together for outings and outdoor activities dating back to September 1953.
In the begining the charter members held meeting in the back yard of Ernest Trautwein, the Clubs 1st President. There were originally about 35 to 40 members (This have never been offically recorded) .
The objectives of the Club were to work with the U.S. Forest service to obtain permission to travel over existing trails in the sierras, and to be permitted to build additional trails.
 April 24, 1963
The name of the Club was amended to read:
"Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno, INC"
121 of the 176 members singed the consent form.
  • Coyote Lake
  • Dusy Ershim
  • Swamp Lake
  • Spanish Lake
  • Strawberry Lake
  • Red Lake
  • West Lake