There are a lot of places to go freewheeling in and around Fresno. There are also a lot of clubs around that allow you to get together with others who love four wheeling. The only time that they do not have outings is when there is snow laying heavily on the ground. These clubs were formed by people who, like you, wanted to go out and have a great time. It started out with people using mostly Jeeps. When these clubs got their start, you were allowed to go anywhere you wanted to go. There were no restrictions; even if you wanted to do cross country rides. Now, trails are more organized. The clubs work with the forest service so that routes are established as trails and there are markings to show you the route along the trail.

Meeting Areas

There are four-wheel drive clubs at Brewer Lake, Coyote Lake, Mirror Lake, Bald Mountain, Strawberry Lake and more. Some of these clubs do require you to have a membership if you want to join. Some have fully functioning facilities on site, while others are more focused on people who just want to go out and have a great time.

Meeting Schedules and More

Meetings are held randomly. Some clubs have them at the first of the month, while others may have them on the second weekend of the month or later in the month. If there is a place that you want to visit, you can contact your most favorite club’s information page to find out when their meetings are held. This will also give you more information on the policies that the club may have.

Where to Go If Gates Are Closed?

There are, at times, closures of the four wheeling clubs. Most often, it is because there is something going on that causes a safety concern. A sad truth is; when they are closed, you will have to find some other place to go and play. It means that their gates are closed. You are not allowed to get on the trail. If you ignore the closed gate and get on your most favorite trail; you could face a hefty fine. Some areas charge up to $5,000 if you are caught on a closed trail. Your best bet, if you want to go four-wheeling is to find a backup place to play until your favorite club is opened back up.

 See some of the fun that you can have on a four wheeling trail by looking at the video below. It is one of the most popular trails around and we are certain you will have a great time if you visit it. 

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4×4 Must Have Accessories

Very few people take off on a four-wheeling adventure with the expectation of staying just a few hours. Most all plan on trips that take them hours to make and overnight adventures with other four-wheeling friends or new acquaintances. It is often turned into an adventure where they wake up on Saturday morning and head into the mountains and plan to return home on Sunday, just in time to get the work week started. Therefore, even the best vehicle requires a few extras for those overnight camping trips.

Enjoy the Adventure that Awaits

When planning a 4×4 trip, most people want the full adventure. They want the long, adventure filled, tough obstacle trips through the mountains and mud. They want to play hard all day on Saturday, sleep great at night, and wake up refreshed the next day; ready for more excitement and perhaps the most challenging part of their trip. This means they not only want to have spare parts for their four-wheeled vehicle; they need the things that will make their days on the trail most exciting.

To Cut Cost, Here is a DIY option 

Four-Wheeling Accessories

It is recommended that before you take your 4×4 out, you carry a winching kit to help yourself or your buddies get out of a tough situation if needed. Ramps, if you tow your four-wheeler in and a small, portable air compressor for times when you need to patch a tire on the go. A medical kit for injuries, a tool bag for quick fixes, and a fire extinguisher for extinguishing campfires will also be beneficial. You may also want to take along things that will help you to gather wood for the campfire. This may include an ax multi-tool and fire starters. Some prefer lighters for starting fires and others prefer to use flint and stones. This is something that is entirely up to you. A cooler is also a great thing to have with you on those weekends out. You should choose a cooler that is designed for adventures in the outdoors and one that can keep your cold beverages cold.

Camping Necessities

This is where things get interesting. Everyone has their own idea of what is necessary for camping and what isn’t. Fresh water and food are a top priority unless you plan to hunt a little while enjoying your adventure. This is possible, especially since many trails lead near rivers and lakes that are filled with fish. You will also want to take along a tent, sleeping bags, changes of clothes, bug spray, and other items to make it a great night out. Some people take along a pillow for each person.

One thing that many people choose to take along is a toilet. That is why composting toilet reviews are such a useful thing to have access to. It helps those who enjoy going out in their 4×4 to find a toilet that is ultra-portable, affordable, and easy to work with. They know that their perfect solution is available and it will make all their upcoming adventures a little more enjoyable.

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When You Gotta Go On The Trail

Everyone who loves the great outdoors, will know that there is one common dilemma for all people and both genders. It is the issue of what to do when you gotta go on the trail. The same is true, no matter which type of outdoor activities you enjoy doing whether it is hiking, biking, four-wheeling, boating, or anything else. It is a little easier for the men who loves outdoor activities. Women on the other hand have a lot of issues to deal with when nature calls and many women avoid doing the fun things because of it. If you are a woman, would you go outdoors if you didn’t have to “squat”?

The Dreaded “Nature’s Call”

Men are lucky in the sense that they can simply walk into the woods, unzip, and go. For women, there is a little undressing to deal with, hoping they are not caught squatting, and the nasty potential of a wet foot when they are done. Who wants that? Women are not designed to be outdoors for the nature’s call. It is even worse if you are hoping to spend a weekend four-wheeling or camping out in the woods when you have the “number 2” to deal with. Not many people enjoy leaves or burying their deposits. In this case, a porta pot may be the best solution for both men and women.

Take Your Toilet with You

A porta potty may not be the perfect solution for all things in life, but it can be very close to it when you want to spend time in the great outdoors. You can put this type of toilet in your tent and go in private without leaving the campground. You can carry it into the woods and when you have to go behind a bush; you can sit on your throne. This makes everything and everyone a little more comfortable and if you choose a self-composting toilet, you will not have to deal with your deposits at all. To learn more about them you can check out a self composting toilet review.

It Is Time to Enjoy Nature

We live in a busy world and very few of us actually get out into nature where the pace is slower and life is more enjoyable. For many, it is because they do not want to have to deal with bug bites and a lack of facilities. A portable toilet can eliminate one of the common issues that we all face. You do not have to pretend you are a bear in the woods ever again; even if you decide to spend a weekend “roughing it. It takes the outdoors to a new level for most people and makes it more enjoyable since these toilets are easy to setup and use.

Are you ready to get into the outdoors? Are you excited to be able to go out on a boat or in your four-wheeler and not have to worry about the downside of nature? If so, you may want to consider a john. It may help your partner decide to spend a little more time with you away from the home and kids.

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