It's come to our attention that some people are confused on the subject of what a CLOSED Trail gate means. To everyone confused it means that the trail is CLOSED and there is NO access PERIOD until the gate is opened. FYI there is a HUGE FINE (Maximum of $5000) for going around a closed gate.

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Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno

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(update: 08/01/2013)

Bald Mountain: Open

Brewer Lake: Closed

Coyote Lake: Closed

Red Lake : Closed

Dusy Ershim: Closed

Mirror Lake: Closed

Spanish Lake: Closed

Strawberry : Closed

Swamp Lake: Closed

West Lake Closed


Thanks to:

Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno

Clovis Independent

Lock and Low


and friends of the trail




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